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Accepts Hong Kong Players
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Name 7bit Casino
Location United Kingdom / Malta
Support Options Email, Phone, Chat
Deposit Options Bank Wire Transfer, MasterCard, American Express, Neteller, Visa, Entropay, Skrill, Bticoins, EcoPayz, Paysafe Card, Ukash
Withdrawal Options BitCoins, Bank Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Neteller, Person to Person, Visa, Skrill
Bonus: High Casino Bonus
Support: Friendly 24/ customer support
Currency: Multi-currency & language options
Service: Accepts Hong Kong Players
Extras: Discreet VIP lounge


High Casino Bonus
Friendly 24/ customer support
Multi-currency & language options
Accepts Hong Kong Players
Discreet VIP Lounge
Accepts Players around the World

7bit casino7bit casino is like the popular  Bitstarz Casino also one of the best online casino for players out of Hong-Kong and for players around the world!  Every year, online casinos that work with cryptocurrency, mainly with Bitcoin (BTC), become more and more popular. This is explained by the fact that this cryptocurrency is considered the most liquid and reliable. You can also start your game in 7Bit Casino with all other deposit methods!!

Not all crypto casinos online work only with Bitcoin. Some offer it as one of the alternatives to traditional currency. Online casinos with cryptocurrency support the deposit and withdrawal of all, as for blockchain platforms, they use distributed registry technology in games. As a result, the level of honesty of such casinos will be 100%. This indicator can be easily checked. Users can be sure of the honesty of such gambling sites.

To date, the most reliable and largest online casino is the 7bit casino, which is the first licensed cryptocurrency casino worldwide.

7bit Casino

What do cryptocurrency online casinos offer?

The following game options are available for visitors of sites from the top crypto casino list:

  1. The ability to bet on sports.
  2. Casino games.
  3. Gambling.
  4. Spread betting.
  5. Participation in online lotteries.

In such casinos, users can get everything they received in traditional online casinos. The main difference will be that it will be possible to provide additional protection for the user’s identity without requesting information about bank accounts. When using cryptocurrencies, online casinos do not require the client’s personal financial information, which protects them from various kinds of malicious attacks and a high level of security for their clients.

7bit casino review

7bit casino is not just an online casino that supports transactions conducted in Bitcoins, but also a full-fledged blockchain casino. It has a license and is completely legal. The integrity of the game is guaranteed by the use of blockchain technology.

Players gain access to:

  1. Roulette.
  2. Slots.
  3. Card games.
  4. Participation in lotteries.

Transparency and honesty of the online casino operation is ensured through the use of integrated solutions of the blockchain platform “TruePlay”. All information on game data and ongoing financial transactions on the 7bit casino will be recorded in the blockchain, which will provide an opportunity for players to monitor and track all gaming processes.

What guarantees does 7bit give its clients?

7bit casino provides the following guarantees for gamblers:

  1. The ability to view copies of betting data made by the player in the blockchain. This information is stored in its original form and cannot be changed in any way.
  2. The user’s game statistics are carefully encrypted and stored in the blockchain. At the same time, there is no binding to personal data.
  3. Ensuring the control of the integrity of the game is carried out through the use of blockchain technologies.
  4. Withdrawal of funds cannot be carried out if the user does not pass KYC authorization.
  5. There are no transfer fees.
  6. Any player can check the balance of the casino in the blockchain.

Deposit and withdrawal of winnings are available in various cryptocurrencies. Among them: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. You can deposit money either through an automatic exchanger on the website or directly in cryptocurrency by paying a bet from a special wallet. In the 7bit Casino you can also play  with regular deposit methods such as credit card, bank transfer, skrill and many others.

The main advantages of 7bit casino

Among the key advantages of 7bit casino is:

  1. The presence of welcome bonuses that players can receive immediately after a simple registration is completed.
  2. The largest selection of games among similar online platforms.

7Bit Casino(7Bit赌场)就像广受欢迎的Bitstarz Casino一样,是全球排名第一的区块链赌场之一!每年,与加密货币合作的在线赌场,尤其是与比特币(BTC)合作的赌场越来越受欢迎。这是因为这种加密货币被认为是最流动和可靠的。


迄今为止,最可靠、最大的在线赌场是7Bit Casino,它是全球第一个获得许可的加密货币赌场。

7Bit Casino 加密货币在线赌场提供了什么?


投注体育赛事的能力。 赌场游戏。 博彩游戏。 差价合约投注。 参与在线彩票。


7Bit Casino评测

7Bit Casino不仅是支持比特币交易的在线赌场,还是一个完整的区块链赌场。它拥有许可证,并且完全合法。通过使用区块链技术保证游戏的完整性。


轮盘。 老虎机。 纸牌游戏。 参与彩票。

通过使用区块链平台“TruePlay”的综合解决方案,确保了在线赌场运营的透明度和诚信。7Bit Casino上的所有游戏数据和进行中的金融交易信息将记录在区块链中,这将为玩家提供监控和追踪所有游戏过程的机会。


7Bit Casino为赌徒提供以下保证:


可用各种加密货币进行存款和提款。其中包括比特币、以太坊等。您可以通过网站上的自动兑换器或直接通过特殊钱包支付赌注以加密货币形式存款。在7Bit Casino中,您也可以使用常规的存款方式进行游戏,如信用卡、银行转账、Skrill等。

7Bit Casino的主要优势

7Bit Casino的主要优势包括: